Thursday, April 15, 2010


Slowly were picking up the pieces
The storm reluctantly ceases
Crashing waves against the shore
Constantly going they were before
But now the quiet lapping fills the air
Back to the known being forced to share
The sand beneath us becoming more stable
Beginning to stand now we are able
Hand in hand we walk the beach
Seeing the things we again can reach
The cool water catching our toes
From our lips every word flows
Silent tears come pouring to the ground
You sweep them away without a sound
The harsh winds settle at last
Though things will stay from the past
The setting sun illuminates the sky
Past the dampness I see hope in your eye
You cling tighter to my arm
Promising we'll be safe from harm
The circling gulls screech a warning
That this all may change come next morning
Sparkling stars dance around the night
For now we will put down the fight
The shells whisper to go with care
I will find peace knowing you are there
The man on the moon smiles at these friends
Who will always be, right down to the end

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