Friday, September 11, 2009

Airport Cousins

How I Live Now - Daisy
Briar Rose - Becca
Setting - England, Daisy's House

I was going back to Poland to see my old friends I had met on my last trip, only this time I brought Stan, my boss and boyfriend. We were in the England airport waiting for our connection when the intercom came on saying our flight was canceled due to weather and the next flight was tomorrow. Stan and I were trapped in the airport. Claps of thunder went off every five minutes. Lightning lit up the sky. I panicked. "What do we do? Do we know anyone over here? Who should we call?"
"Becca, calm down, it's okay. We'll figure something out." Stan said soothingly. Just then someone tapped me on the shoulder.
"Becca?" For a minute I didn't recognize her. "Becca it's me, Daisy."
"Oh my gosh. Daisy!" My cousin and I hugged and jumped around like little girls. "Look at you!" I took a second look at my little cousin. The young woman in front of me was so different than what I remembered of her. "What are you doing here? I thought you went back to New York."
"I came back to England a few years ago. I missed it too much. Oh how stupid of me! Becca, this is Isaac, my cousin." We shook hands.
"And this is Stan, my boyfriend." They shook hands, too professionally in my opinion.
"How long are you guys in England?" We told them the whole story and they insisted we stay at their house for the night. Daisy explained she had been picking Isaac up from his trip to Barcelona.
It was still raining when we left the airport after grabbing some food. Daisy told me all about Piper, Edmund, and Isaac, because he doesn't say much. We arrived at their white mansion a while later. Piper, who I've never met in my life, came running up to me and gave me a hug. Then she made her boyfriend Jonathan say hello. Daisy searched the house for Edmund, but came back with a depressed expression and shook her head. After Piper and Isaac went to bed, Daisy, Stan, and I sat at the kitchen table and talked for awhile.
"The house was a wreck. All the animals died, that was what was hardest on Piper. I came back three years later to find everything pretty much the way it was, except for Edmund." She looked down. Stan was writing everything down on a notepad. I put my hand on his, signaling for him to stop. He looked over at me and put it down. "We don't talk much. He only talks to Isaac."
"I'm sorry."
"It'll get better, Piper's assured me. So how's work going?" We talked for a few hours before heading to bed. We stayed up in a loft. Daisy said it was her favorite spot in the house. It smelled old and slightly musty but was warm and comfortable.
We woke up to the smell of bacon and dogs barking. It stopped raining and was just foggy. The drive to the airport was mostly quiet except for Piper talking about random things. Daisy and Piper came in with us while we got tags and gate numbers. We hugged several times and promised to visit more often. Our flight number was called, so we had to run to make it on time. I honestly didn't want to leave, despite really wanting to get to Poland the day before. Stan took my hand and we walked on the plane together.