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2nd Quarter Outside Reading Book Review

Second Quarter Outside Reading Book Review

13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. Penguin Group, 2007. Genre: Fiction

13 Reasons Why is Jay Asher's first novel and became a huge hit. This book is about high schooler Clay Jensen who gets a shocking package. Two weeks before he received a box full of old cassette tapes, Hannah Baker, Clay's old crush, committed suicide. Clay took a risk and started listening to these mysterious tapes. To his surprise he heard Hannah's voice come on. For the next several tapes, Hannah explained all thirteen reasons why she killed herself. Through out the night Clay was lead by Hannah's voice to places that events occurred in her life. During this experience, Clay discovers not only secrets about her and his fellow classmates, but also some things about himself.

"Very clever premise, strong voice, perfect suspense. This one will keep you reading. Jay Asher is a fine storyteller." -Chris Crutcher

This book is a very unique and interesting way of looking at high school. It shows the hardships and pain of it in in new light. Everyone suffers a least a little bit in high school and this book talks about the things that some of us never want to think about.
I've never read any other Jay Asher books. 13 Reasons Why was his first novel. I've read similar books in that they discuss high school. But I've never read something quite like this. By the end of the book you really seem to know the characters and can feel some of their pain.

"But I did, Hannah. And I wanted to. I could have helped you. But when I tried, you pushed me away. I can almost hear Hannah's voice speaking my next thought for me. 'Then why didn't you try harder?'" (148)

13 Reasons Why has become one of my favorite books. Although I am fortunate enough to never have dealt with suicide, I really connected with this. I know several people who are very close to me that deal with depression every day and it's so hard to sit and watch them in pain. This book shows that. I think this book did affect me in letting me think as if I'm in their shoes and to see how they feel. I really did love this book and would recommend it to anyone.


  1. the reviewer's overall impression of the book is that she really enjoyed it.

    the reviewer noticed that it shows a unique and interesting way to look at high school and shows the hardships and pain of it in a new light.

    the reviewer did have an interesting passage from the book because you can hear what the character is thinking.

    i would consider reading this book because it sounds really interesting and it sounds like a good book to read.

  2. 1. The reviewer's overall impression of the book is that it is one of her favorite books and it really connected to her.

    2. The reviwer noticed that the book's writing style was very realisitc.

    3. The reviewer did pick an interesting passage because it was very heartfelt and emotional and it made you think.

    4. My second quarter book also dealed with the struggles of high school, but dealt with cancer instead of suicide.

    5. I don't think I would read this book although it sounds interesting.

  3. 1. Molly's overall impression of the book is that it was very good and that she connected it to her everyday life.

    2. Molly found the writing style realistic and noticed that the author talked about things that many other books don't.

    3. The reviewer had a very interesting passage because it really gives a good idea of the story.

    4. This book review is very good. She explained the book really well and made some connections that I never would've thought of.

    5. I have already read this book. I agree it was very good and it is also one of my favorites!

    goooood job mollyyy!

  4. 1. Molly's overall impression of this book was that it was really enjoyable and includes many situations that most high school students can connect to their own lives.

    2. She found that the writing style was very real and included many situations that other books would not. There was also a lot of emotion in it, and is easy to connect to real life.

    3. I thought the passage was interesting because you want to know more about what they are saying, and why. It makes you want to go out and read the book.

    4. Molly's format is very similar to other reviews I have read, the one difference is she does not go into as much detail about the writing style.

    5. I would consider reading this book because not only Molly said that this was a great book, but many others who have read it as an ORB.

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  6. Molly's impression of the book was that it was very intriguing, she could make a connection with the characters emotions, even though she has never dealt with such circumstances.
    Molly noticed that the writing style was very pragmatic. It does a good job of showing what is most important. In addition, because emotions are strong it gives that perspective a little boost.
    The passage selected is a very nice choice. It displays the pungent voice of the author once again.
    I remember a book called "Burned" by Ellen Hopkins. There is obviously a different story line, but it does have to do with a teen that gets beaten by her family. The ending is tragic, but it's a great story.
    I would most definitely consider reading this book sometime. Mostly because it sounds of something I would enjoy. From what I have seen to this point, the book has had all good reviews, and many students I know have read this book and enjoyed it. Including Molly.

  7. 1. Her impression on this book was good. She enjoyed it very much and would read it again.
    2. The reader noticed that the writing was very realistic and talked about a subject she never read before. It kept her entertained.
    3. Yes, because it helpes you get a glimpse of the book. When you read the passage , it makes you guess what is happening and want to read it.
    4. It is a very good book review. It was not the ebest one I've read, but it gives a good sense of the book.
    5. I have already read this book. It is an awesome book that I would definitely read again because the subject keeps my attention.

  8. 1. Molly really liked this book and thought that it was easy to connect to because everyone goes through some pain in high school.
    2. Molly noticed that the author wrote in a unique way and was very realistic. She felt like she really knew the characters by the end.
    3. The passage she gave was very interesting. It really makes you want to know what's going on.
    4. It's a very good book review and seems to capture the idea of the book without giving out too much info.
    5. I would love to read this book, it looks really interesting!